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Advanced Training for ECDL Presentations £25.00
NOW AVAILABLE IN THE REPUBLIC OF IRELAND through the ICS Skills website - see below Advanced Training for ECDL for Presentations-RRP £25, Module AM6 for Syllabus 2. The complete course for advanced presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint. This manual is part of the complete suite of ECDL Advanced manuals available from Blackrock Education Centre which includes AM3 Word Processing, AM4 Spreadsheets and AM5 Databases. SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER £80 for the Advanced suite of four manuals, Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Databases and Presentations.

Training for ECDL Advanced Presentations is an excellent resource for anyone using Microsoft PowerPoint and is clearly referenced to the ECDL AM6 Syllabus.  The books incorporate practical exercises throughout and have easy-to-follow instructions and contains additional information to help the user fully understand the concepts of advanced computing. New to the Advanced manuals is an extensive checklist to reassure the user that all areas of the syllabus have been covered.


Tom Mac Mahon Author and ECDL Tutor

This is an excellent and comprehensive guide to using PowerPoint, aimed at the user who would like to progress from preparing basic presentations. It is well written and presented, with clear step-by-step instructions, liberally illustrated with labelled screenshots.  The layout of the pages is straightforward and logical.  It eschews the flashy and often confusing styles favoured by many other publications.

Chapter 1 deals with planning a presentation, including audience and venue considerations – which are often not taken into account by many presenters – as well as design and layout matters.The following chapters take the learner through all the principal facilities available in Powerpoint and there is a full index.

Users of this book will find it logical and straightforward, and it will enable them to further improve and expand their presentation skills.
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Sample pages for Advanced Training for ECDL for Presentations
Sample pages for Advanced Training for ECDL for Presentations
Download this PDF for a list of the contents and to see sample sections of "Presentation Planning",Slide Masters and Templates", "Graphical Objects", "Charts and Diagrams", "Multimedia" and "Enhancing Productivity"

Resources Advanced Training for ECDL for Presentations
Resources Advanced Training for ECDL for Presentations
Resource files for Advanced Training for ECDL for Presentations

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