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A2 posters inviting students to think about what they have been studying. Presented in fun speech bubbles with space to paste notes to respond. This poster is also available in Irish Reflecting on my Learning
"Le francais et moi " €15.00- is a workbook written  by Mary Keating for the three year French syllabus leading to the Junior Certificate. The workbook reinforces the lessons of the classroom and can be used for revision. Fully illustrated it is packed with fun, easy to follow games and exercises. There is lots of encouragement for digital interaction, the   building literacy and numeracy skills and the acquisition of the requisite skills in the French language.

French workbook
World War I is a workbook based on a class project.

It was inspired by "War Horse" by Michael Morpurgo. The workbook is fully illustrated with original photographs from the era  and presented as an interactive workbook with word games. It gives a brief history of the First World War and outlines life in the trenches, the use of horses and artillery and some of the early air and sea battles.

It also contains an explanation of the use of the Poppy flower as an emblem of this war.
Workbook based around a history project of the First World War
This is Part One of the Materials Technology Workbook for the Woodwork Student by Sean Geasley.

This Workbook covers a variety of topics such as; safety in the workshop, recognising various types of trees and understanding how they grow - aided by clearly labelled, beautiful full colour images. 
Student learn how to identify such things as wood defects, hand tools and their uses,  the various methods of fixing and fastening among other points.

This is a great resource for students as it provides a variety of questions and activities to facilitate the understanding and practice of the subject with a wide range of exercises to ensure a thorough understanding of the subject.
Materials Technology Wood -  Student Workbook 1
Materials Technology - Wood ( part 2) - A student workbook written by Sean Geasley.

This book addresses such techniques as "air and kiln" seasoning, wood adhesives, converting timber from log into planks, the insertion of a motif into a veneer and describes the various processes of Marquetry, Parquetry and Inlaying and the transferance of a design into a piece of wood for carving

This workbook also introduces the student to a Lathe and its parts and describes how to prepare a piece of wood for "between centres turning", in addition it introduces the student to the various tools used in wood carving.
Material Technology -Wood Part 2
Metalwork at a Glance teacher guidelines - an explanatory page for the Metalwork at a Glance workbook. Available as download