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NEW to the IRISH Market - TEST2r created and researched by Dr Pauline Cogan.

This is an early screening test for 5 and 6 year old (Senior Infants & 1st Class) children specifically designed for IRISH Primary school children.

The assessment kit comes in three parts -
A Teacher Manual, A Visual Stimulus book and 5 score booklets.
  1. Teacher Manual comes with step by step instructions on how to deliver each of the tasks.  The theory behind each task, together with recommended interventions is also explained.
  2. A Visual Stimulus book, comprising of images and visual stimuli pertaining to the tasks.
  3. Each child is given a separate booklet to record the tasks.  The score booklet is maintained in the child's school file as a record.

Task results are entered on to generate a report for the child.

Additional scorebooklets may be purchased in packs of 5 once the TEST2r kit has been purchased.


Full kit €250.00 + post and packing €20.00
Scorebooklets €22.50 (packs of 5)  + post and packing €8

To purchase go to Educational Assessment page in the menu on the top left.

For further information on the TEST2r Assessment kit call Blackrock Education Centre (01) 2365013.