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Blackrock Education Centre Publishing (BECPublishing) is part of the Blackrock Education Centre,which is one of twenty nine teachers’ Centres in Ireland operating under the auspices of the Department of Education and Science. The Centres oversee the continuous professional development of teachers.

BEC Publishing has over a twenty year history of publishing educational training materials, from “The Book of Dún Laoghaire” written in the 1980s to our latest publication “Supporting Teaching and Learning in the Second-Level School”  by Thérese McPhillips which addresses the current issue of teaching in the inclusive classroom.

Over the years BEC Publishing has created a series of Education Trails, Educational Videos and books.In 1998 the publishing company wrote the first of the IT training manuals “Training for ECDL”. This book series was carefully honed to address the learning needs of a student population attempting to embrace the growing impact of the computer in the workplace. The BEC Publishing manuals continue to sell throughout the world and have been translated into Irish, Welsh, Vietnamese and Arabic.

IT training for the absolute beginner is still aniche market for BEC Publishing and its publications tend towards careful step- by -step training paying careful  attention to how student learn , e.g.“Learn Office 2010”

Teaching for  Special Education Needsis of special interest to BEC Publishing “The Learning Support Teacher , A Practical Handbook” has become  a standard for the primary school teacher. “Movin on Up” has also become a useful addition to primary schools in a bid to create a seemless transition fromthe  primary to the  secondary school.

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