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The Write a book Project has been running from Blackrock Education Centre since 1985.

The Write a book Project enables primary school children to become real authors as they create their own books by actively engaging in the processes of writing, composing, constructing, designing, illustrating and presenting their work to a wide audience.

In 2018 a number of schools from the catchment area of Blackrock Education Centre entered a total of 5,125 books in the Project, from Junior Infants to 6th classes.  This book offers a selection of wonderful, creative, exciting stories which earned Merit Awards from 5th and 6th classes this year.
You'd be Filled with Wonder tells the story of the 200 year old Dun Laoghaire Harbour.  This is a story of shipwrecks, forgotten heroes, prison ships & tordepoes! Above all it is a human story of poverty, hardship and true determination. 
Youd be filled with Wonder cover
The author Seamus Cannon and photographer Carole Cullen have created an affectionate and evocative celebration of the social and architectural heritage of the Co Dublin village of Monkstown. Today's Monkstown is largely the creation of the nineteenth century but also has a significant early history, both are beautifully written about and illustrated. There is also mention of the many Monkstown residents who  made substantial contributions to society at home and abroad. Monkstown:A Victorian Village
History Atlas

Published by Blackrock Education Centre in collaboration with The Royal Irish Academy

The Irish Historic Towns Atlas is a comprehensive and systematic treatment of Irish towns. Now that a critical mass of individual fascicles and ancillary works has been published, the richness of this resource can be exploited. Readers will discover that every town has an interesting story to tell; the Irish Historic Towns Atlas tells those stories through a balanced combination of maps and texts, now told collectively in this wonderful book which is beautifully illustrated throughout.
History Atlas cover