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For use with TEST2r Assessment kit.

Test2r Scorebooklet
TEST2r Kit £250.00
TEST2r is an early screening test  for reading and writing, it is an individually administered test suitable for 5 and 6 year-old children (Senior Infants and 1st Class).  The first part constitutes a rapid screener test, made up of five subtests (tasks) for use by the classroom teacher. The second part consists  of a range of diagnostic subtests  given by the Learning Support Teacher  to clarify any literacy subskill needs. The Learning Support Teacher should then decide on appropriate interventions to develop these skills.
TEST2r is presented in 3 parts -
A Teacher Manual, a Visual Stimulus Book and a Scorebooklet. A TEST2r set comes with 5 Scorebooklets.
Task results will be entered on to generate a report on the child.