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Learn Office 2013 £29.00
The Office 2013 version of the Blackrock Education Centre training  manual, has been written to enable the absolute beginner to arrive at an understanding of basic computer applications. It has been written in clear English with step-by-step instructions to be easily understood as either a self-study guide or for the tutor-led environment. It is applicable for both desktop PCs and laptops. 

In the manual each new topic is fully and carefully explored, complemented with numerous exercises for student practice. Small amounts of additional information have been included to enhance the students' understanding of very important topics.
Particular attention is given to ensuring that the content of the manual reflects the view on the screen. The manual has large - format A4 pages and is fully illustrated with screen shots throughout. The placing of the graphics and text side by side make this an ideal training manual.
The manual will use Microsoft Outlook to teach the use of the e-mail, with an opportunity to practise creating and sending an e-mail. It will also offer interactive website training at There are FREE online resources available to download from the website. 
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