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Learn Office 2007 £29.00
Learn Office 2007, A definitive guide to Windows XP and Office 2007.

by Lorna Bointon, Alan Bourke and Annette Bolger .

This manual is suitable for students and tutor aiming to acquire various accreditations such as FETAC and ECDL. The manual  includes a "Before you Begin" section for the absolute beginner. This manual is useful in both a  tutor led environment or as a self- study guide.

Contents- Internet and email- How to use the computer and organise files – Concepts of information and Communication Technology- Wordprocessing – Spreadsheets- Databases- Presentations.

A4 manual with 492 pages.
Glossary and fully indexed throughout
Interactive training available for the internet and email
FREE extra online resources available to download from this website
It is written in plain language
step- by -step instructions
Downloads for this book
resource Files for Learn Office 2007
resource Files for Learn Office 2007
Resource Files for Learn Office 2007 for Windows XP and Office 2007

Sample pages for Learn Office 2007
Sample pages for Learn Office 2007
Everything you need to know about using Microsoft Office 2007. Download this PDF to view the Table of Contents and see sample sections on "Before you Begin", "Spreadsheets", "Databases" and "Presentations".

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