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First Steps with your Computer £14.50
First Steps with your Computer - RRP€17.50 or £14.50 UK- is the really simple guide to using your computer. Based on the author's experience of teaching beginners in computer classes, this book describes in illustrated step-by-step detail, what beginners need to know in order to use a computer.  

First Steps with your Computer was written following a series of classes given by the author to people who had never used a computer before, Their needs and experiences form the basis of the book. It will guide you in your first steps with you new computer. The explanations are in simple English without jargon. The chapters are short and deal with only one thing at a time and the illustrations show you, as far as possible, exactly what you will see on your computer screen. Step-by-step instructions make everything easy to follow and understand. Using the book you will learn how to: Use the computer and the mouse, write a letter or document and print it out, send emails to your friends and relations, receive email and reply to email messages, use the internet for information and entertainment, play a music CD or a video DVD ... and much more.
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First Steps with your Computer
First Steps with your Computer
A magical book for beginners, download this PDF to see the table of contents and sample sections on "About Computers", The Mouse", Paining and Drawing", "The Keyboard" and "Writing a Letter".

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