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A2 posters inviting students to think about what they have been studying. Presented in fun speech bubbles with space to paste notes to respond. This poster is also available in Irish Reflecting on my Learning
“Arrow Sums, Student Workbook 1” contains a suite of forty arithmetical challenges.

In each “Arrow Sum”, the student is provided with a gateway number and they have to work their way from the base to the tip of the arrow, following the instructions that are provided along the way to discover the missing answer at the tip of the arrow. 
A suite of forty arithmetical challenges
A maths Workbook for Bar charts.

A helpful and practical resource for learning about both reading and drawing bar charts. Enclosed are comprehensive explanations and instructions on the process. Sample Graphs are provided as well as the frames for students to work on and create their own bar charts.
Maths Workbook for Bar Charts
Between the lines is a teacher resource book that outlines a whole-school approach to literacy enhancement at Junior Cycle. This book is about teaching methodology, it looks at the role of literacy in every classroom.

The book encourages teachers to work through their own subject areas, as cross-curricular teams and as a whole school to improve literacy levels. The techniques and ideas presented are firmly rooted in the practice and experience of teachers.

It considers "Looking at Literacy", Oral Work, Textbooks, Keywords Approach, Reading Strategies, Writing and A School-wide Approach.
Teaching Methodology supporting the Junior Certificate
Fun Maths for the Christmas season.

There's a diverse range of Maths exercises in various fun Christmas themes, encouraging a wide spectrum of problem solving and logical thinking to keep students interested.
Christmas themed mathematical puzzles
“Cross Sums, Student Workbook 1” contains a suite of thirty number puzzles. 
The student uses the “Across” and “Down” clues to fill in the puzzle-grids.
These number puzzles are based on the following numerical concepts, skills and competencies: whole number computation (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division), computation involving fractions, decimals and percentages, prime numbers, properties of angles, properties of time, metric measurement and conversions, money conversions and number sequences.
Mathematical puzzles using across and down clues
“Flow Sums, Student Workbook ” contains a suite of thirty arithmetical 

In each “Flow Sum”, the student is provided with a gateway number and they have to work their way through the maze of arrows, following the directions and instructions that are provided along the way, to discover the missing answer at the end of the maze.
Arithmetical challenges presented through a maze of arrows
A Sudoku Workbook . Puzzles in this workbook are graded by grid size and level of difficulty.
Notes for the teacher on how to involve their students in the process and how to get them to verbalise the reasons for the answers.

Sudoku puzzles help develop Spatial Awareness,Logical Thinking and Cognitive Assessment among other skills.
Workbook of Sudoku problems
Maths exercises for understanding the process and method of measuring curved shapes.

Each chapter deals with a specific method: Diameter and Radius of a Circle, Circumference of a Circle, Area of a Disc/Circle, Volume of a Cylinder, Curved Surface Area of a Cylinder, Total Surface Area of a Cylinder, Volume of a Sphere and Surface Area of a Sphere
Creative Mathematical problems about the circle
Maths exercises for understanding the process and method of measuring regular shapes.

Each chapter deals with a specific method: Perimeter and Area of Squares, Perimeter and Area of Rectangles, Perimeter and Area of L Shapes, Perimeter and Area of T Shapes, Area of Triangles, Volume and Surface Area of Cubes and Volume and Surface Area of Rectangular Blocks.
Fun mathematical problems about regular shapes
Maths exercises for the understanding and construction of Sets.

Each chapter is broken into specific modules to facilitate easy understanding of the subject. These chapters include: Listing the Elements in a Set, Listing the Elements in a Set (by Diagram), True or False, Drawing a Venn Diagram, Finding Information in a Venn Diagram, Using Venn Diagrams to Solve Problems, Union of Two Sets and Intersection of Two Sets.
Workbook for mathematical problems about Sets
Maths exercises for understanding symmetry and translations.

The chapters are broken into: Axial Symmetry, Central Symmetry and Translations. This book provides a variety of exercises to facilitate a well-rounded understanding of these problems.
Workbook for mathematical problems of symmetry and translations
Maths workbook for understanding Trend Graphs.

This book contains detailed explanations on the creation and function of trend graphs. It's all explained in easy to understand language with examples for students to better understand the process. There's blank frames for students to create their own graphs based on the instructions given and also questions based on existing graphs. 
Math exercises for understanding graphs