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  • Reflecting on my Learning
    Reflecting on my Learning
    A2 posters inviting students to think about what they have been studying. Presented in fun speech bubbles with space to paste notes to respond. This poster is also available in Irish
  • 2nd editionLearn Office 2010
    Learn Office 2010 New Edition
    This is the new edition of the Learn Office 2010. It covers the complete training for the Office suite for the beginner through to the intermediate stage, in addition there is information about how to keep you safe in the computing environment. There are 565 pages of step- by- step instructions and exercises to reinforce the learning process. The manual also provides INTERACTIVE  training for the internet and email. FREE  extra ONLINE  resources downloadable from this site. This manual is a  SELF-STUDY GUIDE and is suitable for the TUTOR-LED classroom and is invaluable as a reference in the home or workplace.
  • History Atlas cover
    Reading the Maps: A Guide to the Irish Historic Towns Atlas
    History Atlas

    Published by Blackrock Education Centre in collaboration with The Royal Irish Academy

    The Irish Historic Towns Atlas is a comprehensive and systematic treatment of Irish towns. Now that a critical mass of individual fascicles and ancillary works has been published, the richness of this resource can be exploited. Readers will discover that every town has an interesting story to tell; the Irish Historic Towns Atlas tells those stories through a balanced combination of maps and texts, now told collectively in this wonderful book which is beautifully illustrated throughout.
  • French workbook
    Le francais et moi
    "Le francais et moi " €15.00- is a workbook written  by Mary Keating for the three year French syllabus leading to the Junior Certificate. The workbook reinforces the lessons of the classroom and can be used for revision. Fully illustrated it is packed with fun, easy to follow games and exercises. There is lots of encouragement for digital interaction, the   building literacy and numeracy skills and the acquisition of the requisite skills in the French language.

  • The Learning Support Teacher cover
    The Learning Support Teacher
    The Learning Support Teacher - A Practical Handbook by Thérese McPhillips- written
    • for the Learning Support Teachers, Resource Teachers, Class Teachers, Parents and anyone involved in helping the child with learning difficulties
    • to help the Learning Support Teacher to recognise the problems presented by children with Specific Learning Disabilities, to analyse the extent of the problem(s) and to organise remediations.
    • to provide specific information in the following areas: what is the role of the support teacher; what are screening tests and when to use them; how to develop an education plan (IEP)for a student with a learning  difficulty; how to recognize and support the student with dyslexia.
  • Supporting Teaching and Learning in the Second-level School cover
    Supporting Teaching and Learning in the Second-Level School
    The aim of good teaching at second level is to enable access to the curriculum for all learners. This represents challenges and opportunities for all schools. Diversity of students implies a diversity of teaching approaches. This book aims to extend teachers knowledge of practices which support inclusion.
  • Letter Writing
    Letter Writing
    Letter Writing €8.00 -A Practical Guide, created to help students understand the correct way to write different types of letters, it also covers writing postcards and CVs as well as other, more instant, forms of communication, such as email and texting. 
  • TEST2r
    TEST2r Kit
    TEST2r is an early screening test  for reading and writing, it is an individually administered test suitable for 5 and 6 year-old children (Senior Infants and 1st Class).  The first part constitutes a rapid screener test, made up of five subtests (tasks) for use by the classroom teacher. The second part consists  of a range of diagnostic subtests  given by the Learning Support Teacher  to clarify any literacy subskill needs. The Learning Support Teacher should then decide on appropriate interventions to develop these skills.
    TEST2r is presented in 3 parts -
    A Teacher Manual, a Visual Stimulus Book and a Scorebooklet. A TEST2r set comes with 5 Scorebooklets.
    Task results will be entered on to generate a report on the child.
  • The Definitive Guide to Windows 7 and Office 2013
    Learn Office 2013
    The Office 2013 version of the Blackrock Education Centre training  manual, has been written to enable the absolute beginner to arrive at an understanding of basic computer applications. It has been written in clear English with step-by-step instructions to be easily understood as either a self-study guide or for the tutor-led environment. It is applicable for both desktop PCs and laptops. 
  • Youd be filled with Wonder cover
    You'd be Filled with Wonder
    You'd be Filled with Wonder tells the story of the 200 year old Dun Laoghaire Harbour.  This is a story of shipwrecks, forgotten heroes, prison ships & tordepoes! Above all it is a human story of poverty, hardship and true determination. 
  • Monkstown:A Victorian Village
    Monkstown: A Victorian Village
    The author Seamus Cannon and photographer Carole Cullen have created an affectionate and evocative celebration of the social and architectural heritage of the Co Dublin village of Monkstown. Today's Monkstown is largely the creation of the nineteenth century but also has a significant early history, both are beautifully written about and illustrated. There is also mention of the many Monkstown residents who  made substantial contributions to society at home and abroad.


NEW to the IRISH Market - TEST2r created and researched by Dr Pauline Cogan.
An Irish early screening test for 5 and 6 year old (Senior Infants & 1st Class) children specifically designed for IRISH Primary school children.
TheTEST2r pack comes in  three parts - A Teacher Manual, A Visual Stimulus book and 5 score booklets.
Price - TEST2r pack -€250.00+post and packing of €25
See the TEST2r page in the menu for further information

For further information regarding TEST2r call-
Blackrock Education Centre (01) 2365013.

Front cover of Learn Office 2013
Learn Office 2013
Learn office 2013, The Definitive Guide to Windows 7 and Office 2013
600 pages of carefully constructed information to help the reader. The text is laid out side by side with the screen shots for ease of use. A "Before You Begin" section starts the tutorial making this manual suitable for the absolute beginner or a useful vehicle for a tutor in the classroom 
Priced at €38.50 or £29 available from this website, or by phone or email from Blackrock Education Centre +00353 1 2365000. Please contact us for any further enquiries or for discount available for class sets.

NEW Available Now 
Learn Office 2010 2nd Edition